Vision and Mission


The Frederick Douglass Elementary School faculty is a community of educators that aspire to provide an environment that will enable students to acquire fundamental skills, knowledge, and values which empower them to function more effectively in our global society. We promote an environment in which leaners have strong beliefs in their capabilities to facilitate learning. We provide an atmosphere where each student’s learning is valued by staff, students, parents, and the larger community. We strive to establish a strong culture of professionalism among administrators, teachers and support staff. Administrators, teachers and support staff value self-assessment and professional reflection as a means of advancing teaching and learning and their own professional growth.


The Frederick Douglass Elementary School’s faculty, a community of educators believe that to accomplish our vision, our mission is to: develop a long range compressive plan; strengthen organizational capacity (human, technical and financial resources); establish, communicate, monitor the expectations and outcomes; enable leadership density; and involve all stakeholders in understanding and taking part in the change process.